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LEANDRA 300x300 CE

Art.No.: RCA 0742/86/004-CE-B
Manufacturer: ARTGLASS
Warranty: 5 Years
Availability: standard time for production
1.004,31 € without VAT
1.215,21 €
Weight 15 kg
crystal quality quality class of the trimmings crystal exclusive
type of lamp right to the ceiling
Manufacturer ARTGLASS
metal color color of all metal parts. Some chandeliers we can offer in much more different metal colors. Please ask for individual offer! polished brass
diameter / width 30 cm
height (without chain if available) Attention: This height is always including the suspension device for lights with a suspension rod! 30 cm
depth distance wall into the room or width if lamp has oval form 30 cm
weight 11 kg
technically lowest possible complete height (cm) Unfortunately, less overall height is not possible! The total height of the chandelier specified here (chandelier with suspension) is the lowest possible overall height if you use the SHORTEST variant of the suspension. I.e. chain has only 1 link. Please note: This is not always the nicest, but a technically possible solution! For chandeliers without chain / rope, the height given here is the FIXED total height INCLUDING suspension. (stick e.g.) If in doubt, ask me! 30
bulbs / sockets amount of bulbs / type of sockets. LED allways possible! 4 x G9
standard time for production (if not in stock) This is the standard time for production, if the product is not in stock. Delivery time a little longer. 3-4 weeks
room size recommended roomsize < 9 qm
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